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The Shoe's Beginning - Ivan Crivellaro


It’s quite interesting to see how the patina of an Ivan Crivellaro shoe will take form, especially on the ones that have so many pieces of leather to them all with different ideas, such as these two do. Here Ivan shows us how some of his shoes are prepared for such intricate finished patinas. But not all shoes are done like this I am sure, as I presume that he will also do patina directly on the finished product for something less intricate so to speak. But this helps you appreciate how much preparation can go into a patina job. Its hard work and can take a lot of time. So when someone puts +5-6 hours into something, it’s no wonder they can charge over 100….

I would love to have both of these framed and hanging in my showroom….Ivan let’s make that happen!

The Shoe's Beginning - Ivan Crivellaro

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