J.FitzPatrick Shoes in NYC!!

J.FitzPatrick Shoes in NYC!!

So I am here at Leffot today, trying to keep cool from this dreadful humidity that is making me sweat. This is the last day of our trunk show so if you are in or around the West Village today come stop by, say hi and check out the shoes!!

And remember that we are now accepting MTO orders and the upcharge is only 75 for non EU residents.

J.FitzPatrick Shoes in NYC!! J.FitzPatrick Shoes in NYC!!

1 thought on “J.FitzPatrick Shoes in NYC!!”

  1. Hi Justin,

    Glad I came to visit. I hope the show was a success for you.

    My personal collection of shoes is a mix of Crockett & Jones and Peal & Co (Brooks Brothers), and a casual loafer from Rancourt & Co.

    Although I am not in the market for new shoes currently, I wanted to check your line and fit out live, for future purchases. And at such time when I have the need, I will definitely look to what you have, so, in that sense, the visit was well worth it to me.

    Although it’s not the cold hard cash of a sale, I do want to give you some feedback of a different kind. What I like most about your line is where you have seen, with your particular vision, unserved desires in the market, and filled them. For me, the shoes that best exemplify this are the Laurelhurst and the Snoqualmie. In both of these shoes, you are taking classic looks and making them effective for streetwear. I have long thought a Prince Albert slipper could look great outside the castle :^) but know as a knowledgeable consumer that their thin soles make them entirely impractical for that purpose. Same idea with the Alpine boot – you’ve made the boot more elegant and lighter, i.e. functional for wear in the city.

    Your vision deserves to succeed as a reality. Best of luck to you until I’m ready to become a customer!

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