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Dear Readers,

For those of you whom were not able to attend our London sample sales, I have put what was leftover online at the absolute lowest prices can be. To be honest, it was not a massive result (maybe people were still feeling their wallets from the last one) so in reality all of you abroad did not really miss out on much.

On another note, there are mainly the larger sizes available (with only a few below UK8.5), so if you have a big foot, now is your chance to score good shoes at low prices.

I must say that some shoes have been tried on, but in reality mainly the minority of them. And nothing was tried on really more than once. So don’t fear that anything will come looking like a used shoe. Plus I spruce them up anyway for you!

Our company has been a man (or lady shall I say) down for a few months now so things have been backed up to say the least. That being, as these sales usually bring an influx of work to do, I will say that we will prepare everything this week with the ability to ship it all starting next week. I trust that you understand.

Here is the link:

Thanks as always for all of your support!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

P.S. There are more shoes than what the pictures in this post show. And if you wish to add accessories, please pick the shoes first as the link is not visible to people just going on the site as is. You will need the link again to get to the sale page.

jfitzpatrick-footwear-profile-wedgwood-black-calf-black-cotch-grain jfitzpatrick-footwear-profile-ravenna-snuff-suede

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