The Shoe Snob – Unboxing Series – TLB Mallorca New ‘Van Gogh’ Last


It’s unboxing week here at The Shoe Snob Blog. And believe it or not, I have so many other pairs to do!

Here I unbox a pair of TLB Mallorca’s new ‘Van Gogh’ last and U-Cap balmoral oxford model, highlighting the differences between this new soft chisel last and the more sharp chisel last, the Picasso. And explaining the fit and feel as well. TLB Mallorca continues to impress with its footwear and new offerings.

Find out more about them –

5 thoughts on “The Shoe Snob – Unboxing Series – TLB Mallorca New ‘Van Gogh’ Last”

  1. TLB Artista Line vs. Carlos Santos Handgrade

    Justin, how would these two stack up against each other on say a Captoe Oxford.

    I’m in the market for a new pair and will to go just north of USD400.

    Thanks Justin

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      while Carlos Santos makes a great shoe, I do not like the balance of their lasts. I do not find them comfortable nor structurally balanced. TLB on the other hand has great structure, fit and shape in their Artista lasts. I say go for TLB

      1. Thanks Justin. Exactly what I was thinking. I have a TLB split toe drby which are a joy to wear. The Carlos Santos loafers on the other just don’t for right. They are downright uncomfortable!! TLB it is.

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