1-Patina_The Black Pearl_


The first 5 of the patina orders have been completed and I thought that I would show those of you that might not have been able to picture the possibilities of the patinas achievable on the Greenwood model. There are some very beautiful ones here and expect to see more pictures of them soon. This is the first round of them and the angles that I have been provided by Alexander. As always he has done an amazing job and I am excited for all of you that have ordered to get your shoes. They are currently en route and as soon as I receive them, will contact you for confirmation of shipping addresses.

Sizes left: UK6 — UK6.5 — UK7.5 — UK8 — UK10.5 — UK12

Get on them before they go and don’t come back!


All pictures courtesy of Dandy Shoe Care

2-Patina_1920-S.F.Edition_ 4-Patina_Dreams_ 5-Patina_Götterdämmerung_ 6-Patina_Hi End_

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