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It’s been a long road for The Shoe Snob/J.FitzPatrick Footwear brands, from starting at Gieves & Hawkes on #1 Savile Row back in 2012 to sharing space with Timothy Everest in 2014/2015 but in 2016 a new day is upon us and that is due to the fact that we are now going at it alone with our very own showroom in the Soho area of London. We have actually been here for awhile, mainly as our office where we ran our e-commerce websites but we recently took over a larger space right next door to create our very own private showroom for clients to come say hello, see the products and even makes purchases should they be so inclined.

The Shoe Snob Ltd

16a Dufours Place
London, UK — W1F 7Sp
Tel: +44 (0) 2031050559

It’s an amazing feeling to have your own space, something that you can call your own and make how you want. And while this is by no means a shop on Savile Row or Jermyn street, it’s a great first start and something that to be proud of.

That being if you are ever in London and wish to come say hello, check out the space or purchase any of our products, please feel free to do so. The only kick is that we are by appointment only and generally open from Monday to Friday — 9am – 6pm. So if you do plan on stopping by please email me first at to arrange a visit.

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13 thoughts on “The Shoe Snob London Showroom”

  1. I remember the blog you wrote about all the hardship you endured in 2015, and how you were ready to pick up the pieces.

    Well, my friend, if you say’you’re going to pick up the pieces, you really ARE picking up the pieces. What a great bit of news this is. From small acorns…..

    Again I wish you all the best, and lots of success with this enterprise.


      yes, from small acorns the shoe knob has now got a shop in the west end of London which commands some of the highest rents in the world … and yet the weasel wants you to ‘donate’ to his fund in order to apparently keep his blog going (which he uses to advertise and market his Spanish made rebranded shoes). what a gullible load of fools iGents are .. taken in by a grubby weasel like shoe knob.

      1. There’s a quotation that says: if you have nothing positive to say, then say nothing at all.

        It seems to be highly appropriate in your case. Although constructive criticism is very welcome, of course. Yours clearly isn’t. Just some vindictive name calling.

        Like someone else here said: shhhhh, adults talking.

  2. Next bonus I get I’ll be booking myself in to try your shoes on for size so I can order myself some button boots!

  3. Wow, just wow! A very nice special place you’ve got there. And very risky… for our wallets!
    I am afraid I would visit you there… Well done, Justin!

  4. I come from China, run my own shoeshine shop, and also take care of my own media content, and also have my own website I have been paying attention to your blog. I want to know that I can translate your article to my self media account and website?

  5. Hello. I saw a lot of shoes that I was interested in on your instagram page. Can you please tell me if I can get these shoes in a color of my choice? Do you ship to US in the Washington DC area? I am between a 11.5 or 12. My last slipon Santoni’s were and 11.5. Thanks

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