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Our shoes, J.FitzPatrick Footwear, have recently been picked up by Canadian shoe shop, GS Douville and our now available for purchase at their quaint shop in Montreal, Quebec †n. This marks our 4th stockist around the world and I couldn’t be more grateful for these shops believing in our product and wanting to share it with their clientele. What I loved about GS Douville’s choice of product was that most of them were something completely different to what we stock, which I love as not only does it not conflict with our own selection but more importantly, I get to see new things being done. I particularly like the Fremont II in the Copper Musuem. That came out lovely and think will do very well for their shop. I also like the chukka boots in the Plum Museum on the MGF last. It’s not often that you find a chukka boot on a sharp chisel last and I think that it came out quite liovly (the fringe is removable for those that don’t like it).

img-20161005-wa0008 img-20161005-wa0012 img-20161005-wa0016

This is also great for all of our Canadian followers that are often hesitant to buy something online for fear of being hit with importation tax, then getting the size wrong and having to return it. And while GS Douville does not have an e-commerce site like we do (nor have they put up our shoes on their site yet), I am sure that you can easily phone up and order via phone. The owner, Guy, is very nice gentleman who I am sure will be happy to help. So if you are in or around Montreal or can get there easily, don’t hesitate to pop on by and check out our selection of shoes. See above and below all that he carries.

J.FitzPatrick Footwear J.FitzPatrick Footwear j-fitzpatrick-footwear j-fitzpatrick-footwear-june-2016-hero-914

On another note, for J.FitzPatrick Footwear we have restocked some of our core models, mainly the ones below. As per our Jodhpur boot, the Genesee, that we promised to launch in October, there was a massive delay in leather (both colorways) that has cause this huge delay in launching the product and getting out all of the presale shoes. But fret not, my factory has promised to ship me the rest of the pairs tomorrow to arrive come Monday, so will hopefully have it launched come mid to end of next week.

j-fitzpatrick-footwear-june-2016-hero-217 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-june-2016-hero-589 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-june-2016-hero-849 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-ss16-april-hero-792 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-ss16-april-v2-hero-46_1_1 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-march-2016-ss-16-hero-296

As per The Shoe Snob, we have introduced several new products and offerings as well as have had a restock in our alderwood shoe trees, just in time for the holiday season. And †don’t miss out on our bundled deal of them of 3 for £115 (ex VAT £95.83) which is a savings of £20.

We also recently sourced a buffing cloth which is ideal for keeping the gleam of a previously polished shoe up to scratch. Unlike a shine brush that can sometimes dull down your shoes, the buffing cloth is great for keeping the shiny gloss of a pair of shoes without ruining the integrity of the shine. And with that new product, along with now selling shoe horns and dust bags, we have created what we call the Travel Kit for all of those that often take their nice shoes on business trips and want to easily upkeep them.

Thanks for all of your support as per usual and I wish everyone a great upcoming weekend

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


j-fitzpatrick-footwear-collection-19-october-2016-cleaning-cloth_1 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-collection-19-october-2016-shoe-bags-02 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-collection-19-october-2016-shoe-horns-01 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-collection-19-october-2016-shoe-travel-sets

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