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My favorite G&G’s on sale in various sizes…


It’s day two of the collaboration sample sale between G&G, J.FitzPatrick (my brand) and Timothy Everest and as I expected, Friday would be the quieter of the three days. Yesterday was manic and both G&G and I had quite good days with people queuing from 7am and not closing the doors until 82opm. A hard day worked but at least it was finished with a nice Surf & Turf at one of London’s finest steakhouses (you have to reward yourself, you know!). There are still plenty of shoes left, with G&G having about 90 pairs and J.FitzPatrick having around 120, so for those of you still not yet to come you still have a chance to find some good stuff. See my favorites above of G&G that are still here. The Gable in snuff suede is lovely! So is the blue wingtip on the bottom right, not to mention that winter boot which is among my favorite of all time of rugged boots. Too much good stuff!!

So, for those of you not able to make it at all, we have both decided to offer up our stock that is leftover after the sale, so not to worry too much. It will take about a week to rearrange it all, but for those of you with serious inquiries you can email me for J.FitzPatrick Footwear at or for Gaziano & Girling at . †UPDATE – G&G’S LEFTOVER STOCK IS NOW GONE†

G&G asked to give it about a week before emailing them and I will make a proper post of it soon listing out what will be available within my brand, J.FitzPatrick

For those of you in or around London and yet to make it, you better hurry quick before these goodies go!

32 Elder St. London — E1 6BT


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Gaziano & Girling Shoes 20140822_131238

Some J.FitzPatrick stock
Some J.FitzPatrick stock


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  1. Genuinely the best sample/ factory sale I have been too. Anyone who can get there tomorrow go… I think it’s because most brands throw out 2 or 3 sales per year. This being the first sale for both brands the selection (even after the busy first day) was amazing for both brands.

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