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Picture Courtesy of Parisian Gentleman
Picture Courtesy of Parisian Gentleman

I am starting to see a lot more dressy saddle shoes lately and I am quite pleased by that as it is probably my favorite type of dress shoe. As I have said before, for me, the saddle shoe creates the perfect opportunity for a well balanced two-toned shoe. Even if one was to be monotone but bi-material, it still presents a subtly elegant duality but one that is nonetheless noticeably present. And that is what I love about them. Now, as I have always also said, I am not personally the biggest fan of exotic leathers, but I could just not help but admire/love this one by Dimitri Gomez. Not only did it remind of a certain other one, but it just seemed to go together so well without being overstated in its exotic-ness. Or maybe I am just being bias as I love it regardless! Either way, it is a piece of art, but who could expect anything less from Dimitri Gomez!

The picture is courtesy of Andy Julia for Hugo Jacomet of Parisian Gentleman and is a sneak peak into a the highly anticipated book that Hugo is writing, titled “The Parisian Gentleman.” I am not a big book reader (although I would like to be) as one might notice from my poor writing abilities, but I definitely looking forward to reading this one!

On another note, for all of you that have emailed me in regards to leftover sample sale stock for J.FitzPatrick, I will come back to you as soon as possible. The stock is all in boxes now so I need to unpack them and then put it all up on the site. Please bear with me a day or two. Thanks!


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