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Picture courtesy of @erikged of Instagram
Picture courtesy of @erikged of Instagram

Like every blogger that reaches a certain level of readership, the idea to one day transition from blog to website should be on their mind as it has been mine. And it has been on my mind for a long time but as one can imagine it is a long process to do so, at least successfully. So I am about to embark on the first steps to get there.

The idea of the layout has been lodged, the content is there and all that I need to do now is tidy it all up in order to make not only an easy to read/functioning website but something that actually has a manner of structure and not just a chaotic blog with an archive section that is useless at best, like mine is! Therefore, as I have written more posts that I can even imagine, and many of them with great content but hard to find as a reader (aka you guys), I am going to start refreshing them with better writing/photography and updated viewpoints. I will re-release them on a regular basis for those of you that have never seen them and in the meanwhile create a few more ‘Guides’ and ‘How To’ posts and videos in order to attempt a very well rounded launch of The New Shoe Snob Blog!

Stay tuned as things are happening as I said that they eventually would.

2 thoughts on “The ‘New’ Shoe Snob Coming Soon!”

  1. Best of luck Justin ! It will be great being able to browse through a nice website with various categories, “how to” posts, reviews of various brands, etc.
    Simon’s new version of Permanent Style is a good example of something well done, and I can’t wait to see the same kind of result for your content !

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