Saint Crispins

It would appear that Leatherfoot has been busy in the last few years, building the greatest thing to come out of Toronto since, well….I don’t know really? But anyway, the new emporium that they are creating looks like quite the destination shop for those of you a bit more sartorial minded and with a taste for the finer things in life. Set in what looks like to be a pre-1900 building, is their new lovely and upcoming home. Now offering a great deal more than just shoes. their repertoire seemed to jump up to bespoke clothing and nearly every accessory a man could need. Guess that’s why it is now called an Emporium. It’s impressive and nice to see perseverance withstand after what I am sure have been some difficult years as the Canadian Currency has tanked and is finding a hard time getting back on top. Here’s to exciting things coming out of Toronto.

All shoes shown, by Saint Crispin, just one of their many brands carried

Screenshot_2016-02-29-14-58-58 Saint Crispins Saint Crispins1 Saint Crispins2 Saint Crispins3 Saint Crispins5 Saint Crispins6

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