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The†J.FitzPatrick Footwear Summer Sale†has finally arrived and we have a lot of great things on offer this year!

As reinvention is at the core of our essence as a shoe brand, we are getting rid of many models entirely in order to make way for new things to come. So if you see them on sale at 25% off, that means that they WILL NOT be coming back and now is your chance to grab them at a great price!

Here is what we are getting rid of at 25% off:

— Corliss – Black calf and the Burgundy Calf
— Kitsap spectator brogue
— Genesee – Walnut and Navy Museum Calf
— Westlake – Dark Brown Museum Calf/Tobacco Suede, Dark Brown Museum Calf/Denim
— Madrona – all colors on offer: Black Calf, Dark Brown Suede, and Plum Museum Calf/Burgundy Suede
— Hawthorne – Dark Brown Suede
— Laurelhurst II – Gold Museum Calf
— Sebastien U-wing oxford
— Alki – Copper Museum Calf

Remember that stock goes quickly so act fast to get your pair in a short amount of time.

As always, we have discounted our†Core products at 10% off†so if you have been waiting to get a pair of Magnolia or Tony II oxfords, now is your opportunity to get some money off. And remember that our accessories are all discounted at 20% off so best to restock on shoe trees, socks, shoe polishes and belts. Our Braided Belts are at only £30 (w/ vat £36) during the sale which is an amazing price to grab a belt of this caliber of quality!

Happy Shopping!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

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