The Little Shoemaker

The Little Shoemaker


Not too long after my baby boy was born (he is now 6 weeks old), I received an unexpected package in the mail which just so happened to be a gift from a fellow blog reader. And that gift just happened to be the smartest handmade baby shoes in the world, made by fellow shoe enthusiast, Kevin Rowley aka The Little Shoemaker. Fitting was the gift as after all, my boy whether he likes it or not, is indeed The Shoe Snob Jr.! But aside from being a very cool little pair of shoes for my little youngster, was more so the generosity and selflessness of Mr. Rowley to have presented a gift for my son as a thank you for his appreciation to what I do for the shoe world. It was a beautiful gesture and a lovely product too. And even though my little guy probably won’t be able to wear them more than a handful of times (he is a growing monster with huge hands and feet!!), they will forever be a lovely little relic as well as my first son’s first pair of smart shoes! Thanks Kevin!

The Little Shoemaker

The Little Shoemaker The Little Shoemaker The Little Shoemaker The Little Shoemaker The Little Shoemaker The Little Shoemaker


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  1. While they look nice for baby shoes, most babies I know prefer not to wear shoes!
    On a completely unrelated note, the leather on the brogues you posted on your tumblr looks amazing!

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