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SC for Skoab

I just saw these MTO’s the other day and was blown away by their beauty. It’s not so much that they are things not done before, but in these colorways I have yet to really see them, and of course each brands pattern and shoemaking abilities differ quite a bit. The adelaide at the top is thing of beauty and that is saying a lot as I was never a huge fan of croc/gator. But when I first saw it on Bestetti’s adelaide (similar to this one), in that reddish brown shade, I just thought that it was an amazing make up. And I really like the depth of crocodile in a tan whereby the scales darken at the outer lines of each one. That is the one that thing makes croc/gator attractive when it is hand colored. Well done to the customers that chose these, and of course Saint Crispins for making them so well!

All pictures courtesy of Skoaktiebolaget

SC for Skoab1 SC for Skoab2

2 thoughts on “Saint Crispins MTO’s for Skoaktiebolaget”

  1. The monk strap is awesome, perhaps the nicest I have seen. I prefer the single strap, love the last on this one – the toe shape is subtlety different.

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