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There are not many makers whose hand coloring skills compares to the likes of the team at Saint Crispins. And because of those skills, their shoes always come out looking so incredibly vivid. So vivid in fact, it makes you not want to wear them and thus ruin the perfect polish that they come with. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw this green u-cap adelaide oxford by SC for Skoaktiebolaget. I love the depth of the coloring. Due to all of the different shades it is kind of hard to label the exact color of green as there are so many in one shoe. It’s like a mixture of forest, avocado and moss green to create one ultimate, Hulk-like green shoe! Now, if only I would friggin’ see someone wearing a pair on the street. That would make it real!!!

3 thoughts on “The Hulk of Dress Shoes”

  1. Beautiful colour and pattern, green shoes in general are amazing. Not usually a fan of u-caps but would be very proud to own and wear a pair of these.

  2. I do wear my “olive antique” E. Green with a grey flannel suit for exemple or an olive/green tweed jacket or suit or a par of jeans 😉 Those above from St. Crispin’s are beautiful.

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