The Button Boot!!

The Button Boot!!

Okay well it would appear that my prayers have been answered and what came from that is a button boot that is finally lasted and complete, after 3 years of prying my factory’s arm to get it done! But as they say, ‘good things come to those who wait!’ Now all I have to do is perfect it.

Unfortunately stitching the button holes by hand wont be an option as there is no one around here who can do it (need some tailors but Spain isn’t known for those). This is a bummer but I dont mind that much as the buttons cover that detail anyway. Putting them on was not as bad as I thought but it would take a good 5 minutes per pair. Will try making the button holes 1mm wider and see if that helps.

Either way, wanted to share this all with you. I hope to release it by A/W2015 so wish me luck!!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

13 thoughts on “The Button Boot!!”

  1. Justin, I’ve been following you since a couple years, congratulations for your fabulous blog and shoe line!

    This is my first message and I’m writing it because of your statement about Spain not having tailors, you shouldn’t say such a thing without knowing it properly, we do have some really good tailors in Spain, here you have some examples:

    Of course you are not going to find a good tailor in Almansa, but there are good ones in Valencia for example, which is not really far from Almansa

    Mainly, best tailors are established in Madrid and Barcelona.

    Well, I hope I have “helped” you, keep rockin’ shoe’s industry!

    Best regards

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