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Riccardo Bestetti

I recently saw this picture of Jesper Ingevaldsson’s (of shoes byRiccardo Bestettiand re-fell in love with them again. I had first seen them in the flesh while visiting Bestetti’s factory and admired them for their simplistic beauty. While being a quite classic brown oxford, what really sets them apart is the color (hand patinated by Bestetti himself, and quite possibly Jesper too!) and the hand-woven like stitching that makes up the cap, throat line and facing. You put all those together, in addition to the amazing last shape and you get what just might be the most beautiful classic brown oxford of all time. And luckily for Jesper is that he gets to claim these beauties as his own. Lucky guy!

A few more bits of news in the menswear industry:

1. For those of you in Hong Kong, my good friend Kevin Seah is hosting a trunk show March 13th – 15th. See image below

2. And another friendly reminder that this Thursday/Friday is the sample sale between J.FitzPatrick, Gaziano & Girling, Timothy Everest and Bespoke England. Get there early to get the good stuff!


4 thoughts on “The Brown Cap Toe by Riccardo Bestetti”

  1. Hi Justin, I’m just wondering if you have any news about Mr. Bestetti? The thing is, I booked two pairs of novecento in June last year, and two weeks ago I tried to contact Mr. Bestetti via email asking about how it goes, I have not yet received any email from him. I don’t know what happened to Bestetti and I don’t know what to do now

    1. Wow, what a loaded question to throw in a public forum regarding Mr. Bestetti’s integrity. Why not contact Justin privately. I’ve not heard of any incidents regarding his professionalism, so hope your “innocently” posed query as to a ridiculous 1year plus lead time on delivery of an MTO, and Riccardo’s failure to reply to your emails is true. If its a smear job, you are a poster child for the campaign to ban defamers

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