I always love seeing a color combination that I would have never thought to do. I especially love it when I like it. And even more so, when I thought about it without seeing it and said to myself, “bleh,” but then ended up being wrong. That was the case here. When I first heard that Carreducker were going to do this boot in blue leather with the tan side panel pieces, I first thought, ‘man, that is not going to go together!’ But then once I saw them and shined them up a bit, I started to realize that I was wrong and was actually quite attracted to the contrast that is presented by the pairing of these two colors, particularly being that they kept the sole a lighter shade of brown. While it certainly won’t be to many people’s liking, I find that the contrast presented would sit really really well with a nice piece of jeans, that allows the wearer to just give that little bit of flash of the tan leather between their blue jeans and the blue leather. That flash eye-catching color, is precisely what I like to see on people’s feet: something that grabs the attention. A full black shoe will never do that, never make me look twice, nor would I imagine it make anyone else do so either. And some people want that and that is okay. But I always love it when I give someone a second take on their shoes and these bad boys would certainly command that reaction!

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