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Selling second hand shoes is getting bigger and bigger. eBay, of course, paved the way years ago, but since then it has been a consistently growing market. And it makes sense since we have the world at our fingertips now with smartphone technology and the likes of social media. And the reality is that most people are probably looking at their closets and thinking they have too many shoes or are at least bored of their current ones. So the world is one great, big recycling center for used shoes. And thus the cycle of footwear goes round and round.

Jesper of Shoegazing understood this and thus created a 2nd-Hand market for his Stockholm Super Trunk Show, to which he started attempted last year for the first time. He told me it was a huge success and many used shoes were purchased. And I can imagine why, especially when I see a pair of my Tacoma’s in the corner of the pic above 🙂

The issue for most of you though will be the fact that you have to physically drop off your shoes to this show in order to participate. You cannot mail them in. But if you are EU based, well could be that you get a free holiday to Stockholm by selling off a few pairs at the show.

In order to register your pairs, please mail:

The Stockholm Super Trunk Show will be held on Sept 28th, 2019

You get to keep 95% of the sale price. What is sold will be paid to you after the show. What is not sold has to be collected by the end of the show or else the shoes get donated to charity.

I have told Jesper that we must implement this in the London Super Trunk Show and soon we plan to also bring this to NYC. Stay tuned for greatness to come in the coming years!

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