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I just wanted to thank all of my readers who visit my site regularly, it’s because of you that I continue to write. I welcome new readers and hope that you enjoy what you see and read. Please feel free to contact me anytime for questions, concerns or suggestions. I enjoy helping others so there is no need to be shy. Enjoy the pictures and commentary!!

Yours Sincerely,

7 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. Since you already have the best source of shoe porn on the web, may I wish you the best of luck in your shoe making career!You have certainly enhanced my perception of shoes, particularly in the selection of colors! (I just bought a pair of purple suede derbys).Keep up the damn good work Justin.

  2. Spoozy – Thank you a lot, I truly appreciate that!!Benjy – Benjy, those purple suede's sound exciting, you should send me a picture!! Thanks to you as well for the compliments, I appreciate them!

  3. Would love to see more on shoe constructions and details on shoes like what channeled soles are, beveled soles, different leather options, etc… rather than just posting up rtw shoes. We can all go to SF or Leffot or LSH and see the shoes there, but I think the blog could really be great if you brought in more of your knowledge as a shoemaker.

  4. Dear Anonymous – Thank you for your input, you are right and I have always intended to do so. The only downside is my lack of shoemaking at the current moment and being able to produce photos but I will definitely take this into high consideration and start making the necessary arrangements to incorporate more technical knowledge of shoes and how they are constructed.

  5. Dear Justin,I would appreciate very much if you could spend some time writing up the technicalities of the shoes, such as, goodyear welt vs others, difference between oxford and derby etc. and many others. Thanks!

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