Tassel Key Rings by Löf & Tung

Tassel Key Rings by Löf & Tung

Swedish shoe brand, Löf & Tung, has just created a very cool accessory that I am surprised I haven’t seen before as it is nothing out of this world imaginative but fits right in to the shoe brand and die hard shoe customer. In fact, outside of a beer bottle opener, this is probably the only other thing that I would want on my key ring, personally speaking. I think that it is a great idea but my only fear is how well they will hold up. But that probably depends on how many keys you keep on your key ring and how rough you are with your set of keys.

In this post, you just see the suedes and one leather option, but they have 6 total variations of them, 2 of them being in Cordovan that are lacking in the imagery here.

For those of you that also find this intriguing and want to grab one for yourself, follow the link: https://www.loftung.com/collections/new-arrivals

Happy Shopping!

-Justin FitzPatrick

Tassel Key Rings by Löf & Tung


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