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Löf & Tung - Rivera String Loafer in Fox Suede

The new string loafer byLöf & Tung is quite the stunner. Coming in 3 colorways, my favoriteof them is the Fox suede as shown above. This shade of suede is absolutely stunning. It’s so rich and vibrant and when complemented by a natural sole with crude stitching presents the ultimate in Summer footwear.Löf & Tung seemed to have known this when creating this new loafer of theirs and I can imagine that sales are crushing it!

It’s also amazing how far string loafers have come in the last two years. Before only a few companies offered them and now it seems that every brand has a version of their own. Which is great, as I have always loved them. I still appreciate a beautiful penny loafer, but when I look in my closet there are just butterfly and string loafers (and soon bit loafers, but more on that later). Something with just that touch of difference to it that makes these models appeal to me much more so than the rest.

And the Loden version is also a stunner. More for the late Summer/Autumn months, but nonetheless beautiful. And for once in my life, the dark brown suede version is my least favorite, but still a stunner without doubt!

Happy Shopping at only 282!

Justin FitzPatrick


Löf & Tung - Rivera String Loafer in Fox Suede Löf & Tung - Rivera String Loafer in Fox Suede Löf & Tung - Rivera String Loafer in Fox Suede


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