Stormwelt Series by Lof & Tung

Stormwelt Series by Lof & Tung

Löf & Tung’s new stormwelt collection is looking pretty good and probably making a lot of sense for a lot of people this A/W as the weather is quite wet and cold in many places. I can’t really say which one is my favorite but I would probably see myself wearing that derby lace boot the most as I can see it going well with my denim styled attire. Not to mention that it is shearling lined which is great for my toes that are always getting quite cold. But what I really love about this collection is that the lighter color of the welt in contrast with the sole. It really sets the tone of differentiation between their choices and everything else in the market that would have a tonal welt/sole combination. And subtle details like that for me are what truly separates a great brand from a regular one. Well done Lof and Tung for this lovely capsule collection!



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