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Now some of you may or may not know who Mr. Hugo Jacomet is, but if you don’t, please allow me to introduce to you the author of the brilliant website Parisian Gentleman. Now, even though I am a big advocate of print, as I buy the majority of the men’s style magazines, it is belief of mine that the online journalism industry will soon be bigger than print, if it’s not already. One of the people who will be leading the way, especially in France as well as the rest of the world, is Hugo Jacomet. His website is a breath of fresh air from the bombardment of irrelevant information that you find these days on the web.

A while back, when I was just a young dumb blogger, he gave me a chance by adding me to his website and all of the sudden my visitors per day skyrocketed. To that, I will forever be appreciative and was wanting to pay him a visit when I next went to France so that I could thank him in person. But to my surprise, while he was in London for the weekend, he beat me to the punch and gave me a visit at Gieves & Hawkes. It was very nice to finally meet and being the shoe snob that I am, the first thing that I said, after hello, was “nice Corthay’s that you have there.” As touching of a story that it is, I will leave it at that and tell you that if you have yet to visit his PG but are a person who appreciates good men’s style websites, than you are missing out. So, please allow me to give you a taste of the lovely things that you can find there…..with these pictures of John Lobbs.

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    I lost all of my favorites when I accidentally deleted them and one of the blogs I couldn’t remember but was one of my favorites was parisian gentlemen.

    Man, I’m really thankful you posted on this, REALLY EXTREMELY!


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