maftei spectator bespoke

It’s not exactly the time to start breaking out the ‘ol Spectators/Co-Respondents with the weather turning out the way that it is. Being in London it’s about that time for the weather to take a turn for the worse. But for those of you in warm climates, well I guess that any time is a good time. For those of us not so fortunate, at least it’s always a good opportunity to dream and admire beautiful things. And beautiful things don’t even half explain the extravagance of the beauties shown, particularly the burgundy number below! I would rock those til my feet fell off! But seriously, it’s hard wearing spectators. It takes guts, not to mention those other things and when you do see them on someone’s feet (whether it be man or lady) who has a good sense of style, there are not many other occasions than that, that make you stop and take that double look! They command attention that’s for sure. And attention they get!

Pictures below courtesy of super thread at Style Forum. Top pair is Maftei


2 thoughts on “Spectator Madness”

  1. Yes,those Burgundy ones are the business! A friend of mine had a pair of dark and light brown Spectators with rubber soles which he wore throughout the year;with flannels in summer and smart jeans in winter.

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