Amrik Chaggar shoes

If I am going to be honest, I am getting quite bored of Instagram (maybe because I have 3 accounts) but one thing that I can’t knock it for is the ability to discover new things and see lots of pictures of shoes. It is after all how I have discovered many things, including London bespoke shoemaker, Amrik Chaggar. Now I can’t say that I have gone in-depth into to his background, but what I can say is that the more that I look at his IG profile the more impressed I become by it. And then I saw these beauties and was blown away. I had to get them on the blog without time for studying the maker and their background. All I know is that he is Jermyn st. trained (which leads me to believe a product of Foster & Son) and has some cool shoes on his page. So, here you go. Now it’s time to learn more about him!

Amrik Chaggar shoes amrik chaggar shoes

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