I am wrapping up the last of my trunk shows for 2015 and Singapore is the one that usually ends them as it is the coolest time of year there and probably the only time of year that I could actually handle it. I mean last year it was about 28 degrees Celsius with about 100% humidity. Simply insane!! But anyway, it’s a nice refreshing visit to another world and away from Western society. Plus I love the food! So naturally I am looking forward to it.

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As usual I am hosted by my good friend, Mr. Kevin Seah, at his lovely showroom at 55 B – Boat Quay. I will be there presenting not only all of my regular models and new collections but also my range of driving loafers which are currently available for fitting and ordering at Kevin’s shop as we speak. Considering that it is blazing hot all year round in SG, they are the perfect shoe to slip into for a evening out. They are going for $300SG so don’t miss out!

Also, the MTO program is now in full effect and I have been making many interesting models as well as gaining many new and exciting leathers/fabrics to use. And remember that any model that you have ever seen me post that has the name, J.FitzPatrick associated to it, is fair game. It is not limited to current models.
j-fitzpatrick-collections-nov-2015-74 j-fitzpatrick-collections-nov-2015-11

I will be showing from the 25th to the 28th (Wed-Sat) and we are having anevening of drinks on the 25th so if you are around, please do come down and join the festivities!

I look forward to seeing all of you there!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Singapore trunk show

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