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While I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of the toe shape on some of these, I can say that this loafer, by Riccardo Bestetti, is one of the coolest loafers (style-wise) I have seen to-date!! As I have always been a big oxford shoe type of guy, I have recently been shifting my passions towards loafers, because considering that I don’t wear suits, loafers certainly look better for more casual outfits. And the idea of having the boat shoe type of thick leather lace, to tie as an aesthetic, is what gives me that perfect balance of feeling like an oxford but actually being a slip-on, thus giving me the best of both worlds and creating the perfect loafer. (That was a long sentence!) As I learned how to give that mirror-like shine in Italy myself, you can see that Bestetti is also no stranger to it and has applied it beautifully to these loafers. And having that shine, makes that purple model scream out at me!!

For those that don’t know, Bestetti is a bespoke shoemaker out of Pavia, Italy (north) who also makes a decent amount of RTW shoes, distributed here and there, around the world. To see a little bit more about him I have attached a LINK HERE, that gives a nice 4-minute video of him making shoes as well shows a few of his RTW models that are available from the website, such as these lovely riding boots.

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