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I have explained this once before, I believe, but what many of you might not know is that for certain markets, like Japan, shoes are made especially for the needs of that market. What threw me off about this shoe, by Crockett & Jones, is the fact of how dainty it was. Now, I know from seeing G&G bespoke shoes made by their Japanese maker for their Japanese clients, that many Japanese customers like a shoe that is very fine looking (thin soles and sleek), but what I have also gathered was that a good amount of Japanese gentlemen tend to have a wider foot, yet this beauty looked like the most narrow C&J that I had ever seen. Nevertheless, while my angles of shot may not show it, this is probably the nicest C&J that I had ever seen, even better than their handgrade stuff in my opinion…..Every time I see things like this, it just makes me want to go to Japan more and more and probably have my head spin off from all of the beautiful shoes that I will see…one day soon this will come to fruition, and I guess in the meanwhile, I can only sit and daydream, while being extremely jealous of those that own lovelies like these!

9 thoughts on “Crockett & Jones for Japanese Market”

  1. C&j have literally just released a shoe called barrington 2. Ok it has an extra heel panel and is going to slightly different fit but for those who think this shoe is fab then you can get something similar easily right now. Part of the hand grade collection

  2. Justin,

    C&J always appear to be a very narrow shoe to me anyway, irrespective of their Japanese market.



    Hi Justin,
    It is said that there is a big difference between the C&J handgrade and its mainline as epitomized by the Malton you showcased here. Namely, that Freudenberg calf leather is used for the first one while French box calf is for the other. Don’t you consider this difference that big and why?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  4. Consultant – indeed!

    Anon – thanks for the info!

    Snapper – they may give the appearance of narrow shoes but i don’t find them to be particularly narrow…they do stock their shoes as E widths where as most English makers stock F….that may be the diffference that you are noticing.

    John – There is more than just a difference in where the leather is from, but the grade of it too, as well as the difference in finishing details that separate the handgrade and the mainline collection. The lining on the hand grade is also much nicer and more pleasant to the foot as well. The leather difference is very noticeable, not only in look, but in aging, as well as comfort…..


  5. most quality shoes look elegant from front or over head photos then the same shoe looks awfull and stubby from a side shot

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