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Hand-sewn shoemaking may not be as prevalent in the public eye as it was 60-80 years ago (when shoemaking machinery was not as readily available), but the more time I spend in the shoe industry, the more I discover that it is still very much alive, only that it is on a much more private (and/or smaller) scale. And every time I hear of someone trying to find a course or apprenticeship in order to go learn, or someone that has simply taught themselves out of pure passion, I find myself smiling, knowing that people still care about quality shoes. And that, my friends, brings me to the subject at hand. While I have known about Mr. D.W. Frommer II for some time now (perusing the pages of Style Forum), it wasn’t until I saw these pictures that I understood the magnitude of his making abilities. Having been a western boot maker for 40+ years (and being 66 years old), it was only until 5 years ago that he translated his knowledge in bootmaking and took a stab at shoemaking, in order to have something to enjoy during retirement. After 5 years (which is not long in this profession) you can see just far along he has come, especially with this beautiful balmoral oxford! For more information on Mr. D.W. Frommer II, you can email him or visit his website.



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