G&G – Do They Ever Do Wrong? Nope!

G&G - Do They Ever Do Wrong? Nope!

This pattern, for me, looks to be one of the hardest ones to get dead on. I feel that if the last and the pattern aren’t perfectly symbiotic, then this reinvented balmoral style just won’t work. So far there are only two makers that I have seen get this right. One is clearly the G&G’s that you see above and the other is by Romanian shoemaker, Maftei. Both are equally beautiful and require a lot of skill on the pattern makers’ side to get right, but this G&G just speaks wonders to me. I find myself laughing at myself the more that I become attracted to black shoes, as I so often shunned them for their lack of diversity. Granted, I do find myself being drawn to black shoes that are astronomically different then your standard cap toe or full brogue, but nonetheless an opinion that is still a far cry with respects to what I previously used to feel about them (although I still prefer blue shoes, hands-down!!) Nevertheless, the more that I am around G&G, the more that I wish that I was them (not really…but kind of 😉 Always beautiful and forever top notch! Love live beautiful shoes!

G&G - Do They Ever Do Wrong? Nope!

G&G - Do They Ever Do Wrong? Nope!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more Justin. This is one of the most “mouthwatering” (to use a shoe fanatic term)styles I have ever seen. Love it and would love to own a pair. And in black. Are they stocking this model at G&H in sizes?

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