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I have always had this love/hate relationship with Berluti. I have always loved them for their stylistic nature. I must say that the designers, for me, have always hit the nail on the head and made some of the most elegant shoes that I have ever seen. I have always hated them for their price vs. cost vs. quality factor and how I believe that their mark up is way beyond reason, which will also mean that I will most likely never be able to afford one, or at least won’t need (nor want) to get one when I can afford it. But I simply cannot deny their beauty and must admire them for their boldness in coming out with pieces that are unique, colorful and at the same time maintain a manner of elegance.

So when a client came to me with a pair of these to shine, I immediately fell in love with them. I mean, they already had a couple notches in my book, simply for the fact that they were blue (being my favorite color and all) but also due to their uniquely intriguing design. Essentially, it’s a whole cut loafer. But they managed to sew on the penny strap (directly on top) and weave through the leather to make the apron as a boat shoe would with it’s side laces. While I am sure that this is not the only shoe to have had this done, I can say that I have not seen it before, or at least did not take notice if I did. Nevertheless, among the sea of black shoes that I regularly get, I always love something like this that takes the monotony out of the job….

4 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Berluti’s Blue Beauties”

  1. I just noticed that the little tin of shoe polish or wax next to the shoes in one of the shots is labeled “The Shoe Snob”. You’ve mentioned wanting to start your own line of shoe care products…is that one of them???

  2. Alex Wong – Yes, it is. I started with a trial order and it has been relatively successful so I will be taking it forward. I have not announced it yet on the blog to make it official so that I did not get too many requests that I could not fulfill. But I will soon officially announce it and have it available for sale.


  3. Hi Justin,

    Wonder what’s your view in whole-cut Berluti? Look at unsightly upper with wrinkle, ripple mark on such expensive shoes always perplexes. On this pair, it actually ripples asymmetrically! Same too many high end shoes after wore. Anyone as annoyed as I’m to rippled vamp? That’s reason I prefer Brogues suede vamp two tone or close tone, increasable soft vamp or weaved vamp with full toe cap. What do you think?


  4. KC – The downfall of very high grade French calf skin (as Berluiti uses) is that it wrinkles quite easily. Soft leather does this…For me it is not a problem because I know that no matter what leather is going to crease. It’s not crease proof…..there are some leathers as well as patterns that will crease less but I would not let that stop me from getting certain shoes and styles….wholecuts will always show the most creasing as there is nothing else to hide them on the shoe…..


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