Shoes Of The Week – Aubercy Penny Loafers

Shoes Of The Week - Aubercy Penny Loafers

The last shape of these loafers, by Aubercy, is absolutely stunning!! It’s literally at that level, where it’s perfect. Not too pointy, yet not too round either. Just right. And that’s hard to do, truly. But I think that I have to say, that this just might have taken the lead in the race for my favorite black loafer. Everything about this shoe screams elegance and beauty. And it would seem that Aubercy is always hitting the nail on the head, but it’s so hard to find them selling anywhere outside of France (with the exception of Leffot in NYC). As I have been noticing with my Miro loafer (in black) by Septieme Largeur, a beautiful model such as this, can take you a long way in the outfit department. There are not many things (literally) that you can’t wear a pair like this with. They are elegant enough to pair with suits, yet loafer(y) enough to throw on with some nice jeans or casual trousers…..And the more that I wear my Miro’s, the more that I think that I need a second pair, so that they don’t wear out so quick….hmmmm….

Picture Courtesy Of: Depiedencap

2 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Aubercy Penny Loafers”

  1. Justin Hello how are you !!
    I think are my third or fourth time than I write (I posted something words about the wonderfull blue tassel loafers from Alden )
    but the post was not registered
    I’m looking these shoes and they are amazing ……. !!! really agree with you that has a very delicate line.
    is perfect to wear for a good blue jeans or a casual suit
    please tell to everybody how does is feel !!!

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