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Picture Courtesy Of: So Black Tie

Time and time again, I am constantly impressed by what the French shoemaking firms are coming up with. Never do they really cease to amaze me and frequently are they trying to step outside of the box and create something that while may have been done before, has a twist to it. Being that red on black (as an accent color) is my staple combination (think my bespoke saddle shoes), you can imagine that I was instantly drawn to these bad boys. Not only do I love the color coordination, but also the little details that set this Aubercy loafer apart from the rest. If you look at the tassel, you will notice that just the tassel bit is in red, as opposed to the string part being so as well….this is unique and I have yet to see this done before, which creates another reason for me to appreciate these. And on top of that, they also put the top beading bit (piping like creation used to close the top line from exposed leather grain) red as well. While this is far more common, it still adds a bit of elegant flair to it. The only thing that would have made this perfect, is a heavier sole or at least a heavier looking one. I am so off of these paper thin soles, at least for anything outside of a mega slim suede loafer strictly used for summer….but nevertheless, a lovely loafer at that, and one that I wish that was rocking right now!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend! Until next week…..

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

5 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Aubercy Tassel Loafers”

  1. Strange thing about Aubercy: even the stuff I don’t like still looks beautiful to me. They really do make some truly exquisite designs.

    Of course they’re always well-presented, which helps, with good photography and lighting, and that typical French heavy-snot finish. But that in itself is just a reminder of the attention to detail.

    I really admire Aubercy: distinctive and original, but just that little bit of restraint at the last moment to keep their bolder ideas beautiful and wearable. It’s all just so pretty, even though I don’t share your love of black and red, and my girlfriend won’t let me buy tassle loafers…

  2. Alex B – You crack me up…heavy snot finish, lol! Yes, Aubercy does do a lovely shoe….especially their button up Spat boots….they are magnificent….if worn well, tassel loafers can be very stylish and good looking….curious…what does your girlfriend allow you to wear then? Just lace ups?


  3. Haha…she just has a thing about tassles being girly. Apart from that, we tend to like the same stuff. As a married man, I’m sure you know how important that is!

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