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Shoes Of The Week - Alfred Sargent Special Make Up

Following a survey on Style Forum, online shoe store ‘A Fine Pair of Shoes‘ created (based on popular vote & in conjunction with Alfred Sargent) what was considered to be the perfect brogue boot. While I can’t say that I agree that this model is the ‘perfect’ brogue boot, I can say that I do like them very much. Probably the thing that I like most (outside of my obvious two-tone obsession) is the brogue design that leads from the bottom part of the facing/quarter all the way to the back end of the shaft bit. While this boot would be a great option come Spring/Summer, I just can’t say that it’s perfect for the fact that it cannot be worn during the cold months, for fear of thrashing that lovely light suede during a wet day. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful model that I am sure will become a great seller. If you are interested in this boot, the nice gentleman at AFPS informed me that they are currently available via Special Order at and are going for 420.

I will try and post again sometime this weekend, but if I do not get a chance, there might be a little while before you here from me as I am taking a trip back to Spain in order to sort out some of my other prototypes!

I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend.

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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