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It’s always mind-boggling to know how many cool shoes are sold each day, around the world, yet how few people I see actually wearing something that is worthy of being considered ‘cool.’ Take these MTO Alfred Sargent’s, for example. They are wonderful! And what’s even better is that the customer, had these made with his own design requests, almost a little bit like going bespoke. But even though I know that this is not the only guy in the world with a pair of gray suede dress shoes, I have NEVER seen one gracing a well-dressed man’s feet. And as sick as I am for shoes, I am the guy looking at everyone’s shoes as they walk passed me. So, as I write this blog, and see all of these cool shoes on the internet and on the shoe shelves, it makes me think about where they go when they get purchased? Maybe they just get put on a pedestal and become an object of admiration for the customer? Who knows? But if you are reading this and wear unique shoes and don’t mind sharing a picture, please feel free to send me one, so that I can have some proof and even put you up on the blog, if you so desire….

2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Alfred Sargent”

  1. Dear Justin,
    I am a daily-reader of your blogs, and I follow your positings like a cult. Most of your writings are what I would write if I were you. I deeply admire your views & approach towards this hobby & passion for shoes, as I am the same sick guy as you minus the practical things that you often do and minus the training for shoe-making (though, everyday I wish that I could learn how to make shoes).
    Having said that, to answer your question; this week, on Sunday I wore Grenson Alberts, black calf; on Monday, it was Alden’s norwegians, plaza last, in burgundy cordovan, yesterdays, C & J’s Onslow in burgundy cordovan, and today I am wearing Dinkelacker’s Rio full brogues in burgundy cordovan. And I plan to enjoy the luxury of a green cordovan loafers from Rancourts. You see, I celebrated this week as the “Cordovan Week”!
    I wish I could post some pics, but can not as I am at work right now, and just checking on your latest postings.
    Please never stop writing your thoughts.
    Best regards,

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