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Men’s Shoes:

I don’t know why, but I have never been the biggest fan of the apron toe style. Maybe it’s because so many company’s make them in such an unpleasant manner where the top stitch just really doesn’t compliment the shape of the last and for me it just ruins the whole look. But every once in a while, you get a smart designer who does it right! These shoes by StefanoBi for Domenico Vacca, display the perfect example of the top stitch following the shape of the last in an eye catching manner. And of top of that, they added what looks like canvas, to the vamp, giving the shoe even more character!! But what really caught my attention to these shoes, was actually the sole, and how they managed to display such a wonderful and unique assortment of the nails. Even though they really serve no purpose, it sets the shoe apart in the fact that a lover of art (which beautiful shoes are) will notice the extra steps the artist took to differentiate his work.

For those that don’t know, StefanoBi is the factory in Italy that also produces shoes for Berluti and Stefano Bemer’s RTW line.

Women’s Shoes:

Photo Above Courtesy Of: Sea of Shoes

Like I said, in the post below, women’s shoes just have so many more possibilities when it comes to design! These shoes, by Jil Sander, are apparently part of their new collection and just offer so many things that you would never think would look great on a pair of shoes. For example, the hook-like-heel made out of run-of-the-mill metal, the etched out design on the platform and the intricate hole design on the upper leather. Yet, they added it all together and created a very hot shoe! And while I sometimes knock fashion companies for going too extreme, I guess that on occasion, that is what is needed to actually create ‘fashion’ and something that is unique, never seen before and edgy! I applaud the designers at Jil Sander for their boldness and creativity. Also, if you are interested in a good women’s shoe blog, check out Sea of Shoes!

7 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Day”

  1. Not a big fan of the apron toe, but you gotta love the artistic approach the maker has made.

    And thats all what luxury is about: nothing necessary, but just plain beautiful and for the love itself…

  2. Spoozy – Totally agree and that’s why I posted it because of it’s unique qualities. Few apron toes posses that uniqueness.

    Benjy – Too true, they certainly did a great job all the way around, not leaving the slightest detail out!

  3. Hi Shoe snob – I really like your blog and for the sartorially obsessed it’s great to have somewhere online to go where (your) opinions are so strongly expressed. re: the apron by StephanoB, I think it looks very much like Ugolini’s ‘U last’ designed with/for Vass. The apron done like that with the chisel toe is a really simple and masculine look. PS I love yo emphasis on colour and agree men’s shoes and men’s fashion generally are too drab – even tho I wouldn’t dare wear most of your examples myself (:

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