Today’s Favorites – Plain Toe Derby’s

Today's Favorites - Plain Toe Derby's

Above: George Cleverley – Photo Courtesy Of: Leather Soul

Today's Favorites - Plain Toe Derby's

Today's Favorites - Plain Toe Derby's

Today's Favorites - Plain Toe Derby's

Today's Favorites - Plain Toe Derby's

Above: J.A. Ramis by MEERMIN

Today's Favorites - Plain Toe Derby's

2Above: Corthay - Picture Courtesy Of: Leffot
A nice plain toe derby can go a long way: from jeans all the way to being worn with a suit depending on the cut and elegance of the particular model. It’s simplicity can be a refreshing treat when one is used to always wearing brogues, heavily stitched or intricately designed shoes. While I tend to go for unique, colorful shoes, I forget that sometimes a simple and plain shoe can be the most elegant option of all!

5 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Plain Toe Derby’s”

  1. Is possible that the ones which have dark brown croco combined with brown calf were from J.A.Ramis produced by MEERMIN (sold in Isetan Shinjuku) and not from Corthay?

  2. Anonymous – It is more than likely. I always thought that it did not look like a Corthay but his name was associated with the picture when I found it. I will change it now. Thanks again!

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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