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Shoes Look Best When On Feet!
Windermere semi brogue coming Nov. 2013

Don’t have a ton of time to write a lot tonight my friends. Been a catch-up kind of a day. I don’t think that I have formally mentioned this, but early next year my time with Gieves & Hawkes will be expired and I will be soon find myself collaborating with the great Timothy Everest; a venture that I am very much looking forward to (not that I am not grateful for my time at G&H). Going over the formalities with his team this morning has made me run behind a bit today. That being here are a few ‘action’ shots of me or others in my shoes, something that I like to show as I feel that shoes look best when on people’s feet as opposed to just sitting on something looking all plain Jane….. On another note, I will be away next week from Mon – Thurs at my factory, so may be slow to respond to emails or get posts out, but as always, I will do my absolute best!! Going to be ordering my stock for my upcoming online shop (due out first quarter next year) as well as my upcoming SS2014 stock!! Be ready!!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Shoes Look Best When On Feet!
Ravenna Model in Snuff Suede
Shoes Look Best When On Feet!
New Sample adelaide brogue, coming 2014
Shoes Look Best When On Feet!
Laurelhurst II in denim
Shoes Look Best When On Feet!
Greenwood navy suede coming Nov. 2013


Shoes Look Best When On Feet!
1, 2, 3…still better than a calculator!

4 thoughts on “Shoes Look Best When On Feet!”

  1. no doubt in the the last picture counting the millions to come in from the nascent shoe empire Justin 😉
    you seem to like wearing smart jeans as well as tailored clothing, I know this is a shoe blog but could you recommend me a good jean to wear with a sports jacket for a smart casual look? confused with the plethora of choices. cheers.

    1. yes, counting the future millions! All my jeans come from either Uniqlo, H&M or Zara, and then I have them tailored to fit perfectly….. Uniqlo are best though!

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