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Dear Readers,

Okay, well the sample sale is over and I have finally managed to unpack everything and put it all online. This is however, only for J.FitzPatrick stock. As per G&G’s leftover stock, it is now gone.

Because the majority of you don’t live in London (and I felt bad because of that) as well the fact that I hate to make things too complicated, I have opened up all shoes to be sold at 149.99 (less VAT 124.99— and which I must say is a GREAT PRICE!!!), even though the majority of shoes were NOT at that 150 pricepoint during the actual sample sale but were rather at the 200 pricepoint. That being, I am really trying to give you the bottom dollar price, not only as a thank you for all of your support, but of course to also try and get rid of everything!

However, because of this uber low price, there will be no haggling, setting shoes aside or me taking a picture for you to know what the shoes look like. Just like the sample sale, it will be a ‘take it or leave it’ as well as a ‘first come first serve.’ Also, there are higher shipping prices than usual as I simply cannot afford to eat into my margin in order to make a sale at these prices. However, the more that you buy, the lower the shipping price gets. Therefore the shipping price structure is as follows:

UK 1-2 pairs = 10; +3 pairs = Free
EU 1-2 pairs = 20; +3 paris = Free
Switzerland/Norway = 1-2 pairs = 25; +3 pairs = Free
US 1-2 pairs = 35; +3 pairs = 20
Canada/AU/Rest of World 1-2 pairs = 40; +3 pairs = 20

20. 3_4_1

As I was stating before, the majority of shoes don’t really have anything wrong with them, maybe are an old model that I have had in my office for ages, something that is recent that I just want to flush out (like the Marcos in Black Suede) or a mistake that was made during production, like the color of the shoe is off or something. However, there are some that were actual seconds, like suedes not being of the same texture (i.e. nappy or smooth all in the same shoe on different pieces) or 3rd grade leather being used (nothing wrong with it, just not as vibrant as 1st grade), leather with veins in some models, shoes that are completely fine but have been tried on and left in a non-full price type state and finally (which is most prevalent) are caps that are not exactly matching from left shoe to right, i.e. crooked or in slightly different positions. Nothing is grave or makes the shoe unwearable. There are not any faulty shoes i.e. rips, cuts, broken stitching etc. Just mainly errors in making or substandard leather. If these things worry you, even at these low prices, then maybe you should not purchase as I will not take a picture to show you. But just remember that the majority of the shoes are fine.

I don’t say this to make quick sales, but mainly because time and time again have I heard someone kick themselves for not acting fast enough, but there are around 110 pairs left and they will go quick. That being, if you see something that you like, you might want to jump on it quickly as there are over 100,000 more people who read the blog that just might be looking at the same pair.

Please bear in mind that due to the influx of sales that will occur, it will take a few days to fulfill the order. We will try and get to everything as quickly as possible, but the majority of orders will be sent next week.

Well, that is all, please see the magic link below and happy shopping. Oh and just remember, that ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS/REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE



Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


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  1. It is illegal to offer no returns/refunds. There is a legal obligation to offer refunds on distance selling. Check with Trading Standards.

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