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Being that I used to live in London and my shop was not too far away from Savile Row (a stone’s throw away in Soho), one can imagine how many times I have been to the G&G shop. More times than I can count. In fact, I was there for its opening and for all of its events thereafter until mid-2017, after which I moved to NYC. It had been nearly 3 years since I had been back to London, due to the pandemic, and I finally had the opportunity to find myself back there for my London Super Trunk Show event, in early May. As is natural, I paid a visit to my favorite London shop to see what was going on (my old London employee and good friend works for them now so even more natural to pay a visit) and was pleasantly surprised to see how the shop had progressed.

While maintaining its overall style and look I found the shop to be so much more appealing than when its first opened and the years after, during the time I was living there. But a lot has changed in the 5 years since I left. I remember feeling the shop a bit bare in the beginning. It was simple, clean and elegant but felt it needed ‘more’. Gaziano & Girling makes some of the most beautiful shoes the world has ever seen and it needed to better represent that. It woyld appear that they read my mind as when I entered the shop this past May I was pleasantly surprised to see how much more they filled the shelves with samples to better represent all that the brand can do and is capable of. I have a simple theory: the more you show, the more you have the chance of making a sale. I can’t stand these minimlist shops that look like empty lot spaces trying to “look cool” with hardly any product in them. Precisely one of the stupid ideologies that has lead to more online shopping and has hurt physical retail trade, which is important to our culture of experience. Stores need product to make sales. People are visual creatures. Especially men.

While I could have taken photos of every shoe there, time was limited during my London visit so just took a few snaps of soke of my favorites there. So many more but this will help you understand the greatness that is Gaziano & Girling.

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7 thoughts on “Shoes At The Gaziano & Girling Store”

  1. I am so glad I found your site and ordered from your company. Your blog is A+, very interesting and
    informative. I also like your replies to the negative folks out there. Although you do not have many. I love your story on how this all came about. I respect you following your dream. Never stop.

    Mike Moss
    Lafayette, Louisiana

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thank you very much Mike, I do very much appreciate your support not only in the blog but also in my brand. That means the world and trust me, I won’t ever stop. Thank you for sharing

  2. I’m so glad that someone is still carrying on the addition of traditional high in Ohio dollar shoe perfect for the feet. It’s so good to feel cloudy again. I need some kind of catalog or something to touch. I can keep up with the shoes because I would love to purchase them this is J on speaker piece.

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