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Shoepassion has a long history, but many of you probably won’t know it as its German roots and history have not quite spread to the rest of the world, until now. After 10 years of building a successful shoe empire in Germany, with 10 shops (1 in Vienna, 9 in Germany), they have decided to now take their brand to the next level and do their best at conquering the world shoe industry. And they are doing that firstly by celebrating their 10th year Anniversary with a Kickstarter campaign that highlights new models, new leathers and new ideas for their brand. And I think that it is a smart way of going about things.

Some quick history about them is that they were founded in 2008 by 5 shoe gents that wanted to help grow the German shoe market, by seeing men wearing better shoes. But while good shoes were in their minds, a reasonable price was in their hearts. They knew that it was easy to make Goodyear welted shoes for +?500 but what the challenge was for them was being able to make good quality welted shoes for the best price possible. And while you thought that America created the idea of ‘no Middle Men’, because we love to market the hell out of slogans, Shoepassion was doing this in actuality by creating a shoe brand that had no wholesale margin in order to get the absolute best price for the German consumer. From one shop in Berlin to 9 in Germany with one in Vienna, a massive online website, purchasing the most famous German shoe brand Heinrich Dinkelacker and now Global Expansion in their sights, I dare say they did a great job and putting their dreams to the test and executing them with perfection!

Shoepassion’s range of shoes under the Shoepassion brand name are all goodyear welted, out of Almansa, Spain, the most famous Spanish town for the shoe manufacturing of men’s footwear. Coming out of the gate, again, was the idea of produce welted footwear but at the best possible price. And what does that mean? Well, it means most likely using local (Spanish or low-cost Italian) leather and simple constructions i.e. straight waists and open channel soles. Those gave prices of under ?200. They also had their range of premium French calfskin, for a higher cost, but with the same construction. A part of their Anniversary idea is to continue offering a better selection of shoes with more premium leathers and eventually building a range of closed channel soles. The new collection offers calfskins from Italy (museum) and the famous Weinheimer calf (previously known as Freudenberg) which are two of the most exclusive leathers in the industry. All for under ?200, which they are promoting as a 33% discount.

You will also find unique details on this new collection, such as red-accented pieces in the shoes, from the pull tab to the heel piece to the stitching on the chelsea boots. For those that like the color red, this offers a unique feature not often seen. The designs are bold and different, two qualities I always respect. I can imagine that the two-tone oxfords will be the popular models in this collection. The one with the whipstitch is pretty intriguing. And if you find yourself fancying more than one pair, Shoepassion is offering bundle deals as low as ?350 for 2 pairs.

The owners of Shoepassion are great guys and I am happy to see them taking their brand to the next level. This line already seems to be a huge success and I am excited to see what they do when they take it to the next level. Their campaign lasts until December 6th, so do not sleep on grabbing a pair or two should you find yourself intrigued by these models!

Shoepassion Kickstarter Campaign

2 thoughts on “Shoepassion – Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary”

  1. I disagree. A bit. Shoepassion is quite OK, but nothing more. The Shoes look quite well because of their excellent finish. The price is very well and, yes, you get a pair of shoes that can be worn for many years. Also, it pays to bring them to a good shoe cobbler and have them repaired when they are worn for a time. My cobbler is very good, and he had the impression, that there was cardboard in the shoes, when he started working on them, but there wasn´t. Another point that counts FOR Shoepassion. But still they are not as well as you say they are. They do not have the culture a good shoe shall have. The culture of being quite solid. They are too lightweight and, yes, after one year, they tend to be too soft in the construction. You can still wear them, and I still love my yellow-orange colored oxford stile boots. After 5 years of wear, they are still good. Shoepassion shoes are good. But they do not age very well in their construction. I think, Shoepassion should not have grown. The shop in Ackerstraße here in Berin, I visited it at least every year. They suddenly had half of the shop with Dinkelacker. I love Dinkelacker, have a very nice pair I send to Dinckelacker, when the sole and heal have to be repaired. Costs almost as much as one pair of Shoepassion. But they are Dinckelacker, so what? It is the right thing to do. But, you know, we live in a world of Climate Change and Exploitation of poorer countries. What I would have wanted from Shoepassion, that they grow from lovely shoes for a good price to shoes, that perhaps cost 300-400 € and you get a fair trade, fair leather shoe. Perhaps of the same construction that gets a bit worn after six years, that may be ok. Or a shoe that costs 300-350 € and is not fair trade, but with a very solid construction and a better leather. But I would expect them not to expand, but get better. Expending usually goes with a loss of culture, loss of quality and loss of responsibility. My view. At least I see that with Shoepassion. Perhaps a very personal view. But the Boots I bought from you, Justin, are better than those of Shoepassion. Don´t know if they are actually more Sustainable and Climate friendly. But I like them. The price seems to me to be in the right range, and not too cheap, as Shoepassion are.

  2. First of all: Thank you Justin. Without you I wouldn’t have noticed this project.
    I agree with Giorgio in some aspects. I have bought two older Shoepassion pairs from ebay this year, one of which is the predecessor of a shoe “revisited” in this project. Both my pairs are on the same last (chiseled toe, and i hope i can barter with shoepassion to make my backed pair with the old last because it looks muuuuch better^^). I’m in the process of resoling them myself (cause I’m a cheapskate) and I noticed that they don’t have a seperate shank. There was a triangular shaped piece of leather that looked like being part of the insole. However it might’ve just been a glued in seperate piece. I didn’t mind it too much. As I’m preparing a youtube video in the style of Trenton&Heath I’ll share the details as soon as I’m done with it. This may explain why they seem a bit flimsy to Giorgio. I also own two pairs of Meermin (one pair of the regular line and one pair of the maestro line) and Shoepassions quality is alongside the maestro line (bearing in mind the different constuction). Their “Extravagant” lineup is most definitely more exciting than anything other brands offer in this price category (as far as I hve seen). That’s what I value them for. Even though I dislike their modern round-toe-last… Much prefer the old one and hope they’ll revert to using it in the near future.
    Stay safe and healthy.
    Best regards

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