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I know that some of the people who read my blog are always hoping to see a little bit more of the construction side of the shoe industry. Considering that it has been a struggling continuation for myself to actually keep up with my shoemaking, therefore not being able to provide more blog posts on the subject, I figured that I would spread the love and the knowledge by adding some shoemaking blog links to my site. I have three for you, all of which are bespoke shoemakers who live in three very different parts of the world. They all offer step by step photos and explanations of the shoemaking process. Here they are:

Carreducker: A duo out of London, England who make bespoke shoes and offer styles that are refreshingly unique.

Craig Corvin: A freelance bespoke shoemaker out of Seattle, Wa, USA.

Koronya: One of the more well-known shoemakers hailing from Budapest, Hungary.

Both Carreducker and Koronya offer shoemaking courses several times a year in Europe and the States if you are interested in learning the process.

I hope that everyone is able to check out these blogs, they really give good insight into the aspects of how to make a shoe!


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