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Shoe Of The DayHow often do you see green shoes? Not very often!! And that’s what I love about Paul Smith, the creator of these shoes. He is constantly coming up with unique and colorful shoes to add to his collections and while he may use a fairly common brogue like this as his staple style, what’s great is that he will change it in so many ways from the color, to the leather and even the texture, for example, velour. A shoe like this can add so many more possibilities to your wardrobe and I am glad that there is someone like Paul Smith, who is so big in the shoe industry, coming up with these concoctions to continually provide us with lively options!

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  1. I LOVE these shoes. I actually live around the corner from his NY store and i can't tell you how many times i walked my dog in that direction just to get another look at these shoes… They also came in some other great colors like Red, bright blue and yellow. PS is one of the fewest designers who are not shy of colors and use it in such a smart, and sophisticated way…truly inspiring, just like his stores which are a treat to visit….For more about Paul smith check out

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