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Photo Courtesy of Zimmermann & Kim

I have always loved and admired the last shapes of Laszlo Vass (the more elongated ones). I might even be so bold to say that one of his lasts just might be my favorite of all time (pictured below just to kill your curiosity, which I think just might be the same as the one above?…..). And one of my big regrets is that I never managed to get a pair, and in reality just might actually never do so at this point. But as sad as that is, like the heartache of a breakup, I still find myself drawn to his shoes and wanting to sing praises of them. Not only was he a lovely gentleman who deserves kind words to be said about him, but more importantly, he makes beautiful works of art, like this brown full brogue above, that are so perfect that if they were any more perfect, it would be blasphemy! So I pose the question bearing this shoe in mind, representing a perfect pattern, a perfect last shape and a perfect color: Is this the perfect brown brogue? Well, I sure think so……good thing that I don’t have one in my collection, or that statement just might make me feel bad about it 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Brown Full-Brogue?”

  1. U last for the suede brogues, and is that the same on the semi-brogue, or the K?

    It’s ironic that the most lusted-after last shapes from Vass (U and F) have their origins in a collaboration, and are from Roberto Ugolini – unashamedly Italian. U for Ugolini, F for Florence. So maybe he should take the credit?! These are certainly the ones that seem to crop up on the blogs and style forums the most.

    They are wonderful-looking shoes, but maybe a better celebration of the Vass style would be examples of their own, more traditionally Hungarian, lasts?

    Either way, they’re fabulous, and I think maybe it’s the combination of these trendy Italian last shapes with the heavy-soled, strong Vass styles, that makes the magic combination.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      I cannot say as this is one of Vass’ colors but I don’t think that it is cordovan. Sorry but you should enquire with Vass

  2. Le scarpe, che sono meravigliose, mi sembrano in colore burgundy. Potrei conoscere l’indirizzo di Ugolini a Firenze?

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