While I found these Christian Louboutin’s shoes under men’s shoes, I have a hard time believing that indeed they are for men. Even though they may be offered for them, you will notice that the construction of these oxfords is very much that of a woman’s shoe. In this new day and age where you see lots of ladies trotting about in these wingtip or captoe oxfords with leather soles, you should be able to notice that the mouth of the shoe is cut much larger, exposing more foot/leg/ankle/etc, thus separating their design from a man’s equivalent. Regardless, however, of whom these shoes belongs to, what I will say is that I find the color of these shoes to be absolutely amazing. Maybe it’s because my favorite color is blue, I don’t know, but I just can’t help admire the boldness of the color/leather combo. Without that glossy sheen leather, these shoes would not stand out as much and even though I would still very much appreciate them, I think that Christian Louboutin did a fine job with this particular creation.

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