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The words style and fashion sure do not mix, nor do they have even close to the same meaning, as we shall learn here today. Now, one might bravely call these Christian Louboutin shoes ‘high fashion objects,’ but one would hopefully not venture to wear these and say that they have ‘style.’ Obviously, those who would buy and wear them, will undoubtedly think that they have style, but oh how wrong they will be. I am beginning to think that the high fashion artists of the world have ran out of clever ideas to create so they just create the most ostentatious things that they can think of and call it fashionable. I really believe that as the days go on, these two words grow further apart from each other, when in reality I believe that in their truest forms, they should go hand-in-hand. The definition of fashion is: a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing. It’s like when Tommy Nutter, one of the most famous designers from Savile Row, came about. He revolutionized the lapel, making it bold and beautiful. Wearing his stuff was not only fashionable, but took someone with style to pull off. Where do you think Tom Ford got his inspiration (and designs)? Tommy Nutter! So…when I look at shoes like this, I shake my head in disappointment, thinking about how someone who would design this could be so famous????

7 thoughts on “Seriously…..? What is high fashion?”

  1. I think that if you refer to C.Louboutin, you shouldn’t forget that he’s mainly women’s shoe designer, which is a world apart from gentlemen’s shoes. And has done an excellent career in his own field. But I admit that his men’s shoes aren’t very representative, more like…goofy 😉

  2. I think that if you refer to C.Louboutin, you shouldn’t forget that he’s mainly women’s shoe designer, which is a world apart from gentlemen’s shoes. And has done an excellent career in his own field. But I admit that his men’s shoes aren’t very representative, more like…goofy 😉

  3. Alright,

    I’m going to disagree on this one :/
    Might sound crazy but I do understand his vision. Even though my inspirations for dress and role models are Cary Grant and Allan Flusser. Believe me, I practice or at least try to live by the definition of style not fashion and by ”dandyism” BUT sometimes you just want to be a rebel and stand out from the vast sea of common blah loafers and lace-up designs we see out there. Even though they get made by reputable shoe makers out there they all just look the same.

    sometimes or maybe most of the time you just want something on your feet that are pretentious, brake rules, and piss the narrow minded conformist the heck out!

    Make them bleed and step on it..your soles are red anyways 😉

    All the best!

  4. Otso – That is part of the problem otso, in my opinion. Women’s designers, who become so big in their field that they think that they could be great in another just because. Don’t get me wrong, i think that his women shoes are sexy hands down and would love to get my wife a pair. But when he comes out with crap like above and people like it strictly because it’s his name, than i think that the lines are all blurred. If you came out with those native american patent pumps tomorrow and brought them to Nieman Marcus, they just might throw you out. But since Louboutin made them, they probably have them sitting in their front window. True fashion/style etc. should not be dictated by a name but rather by true artistry in coming up with unique, stylish, and elegant pieces that eloquently set themselves apart from the rest…

    Julios – I understand where you are coming from, but I still disagree. There can be rebellion used to create pieces but still, taste can dictate the final product. Look at so many French shoemakers, who make their shoes so different than the rest. They are uniquely fresh from the sea of same-looking shoes. My black/red saddles are way different than your average black shoe, but still adhere to the realm of elegance and style in a classic dress shoe. Don’t get me wrong, as stated above, Louboutin is a fantastic woman’s designer but these mens shoes that he does, are just not refreshingly rebellious, they are refreshingly ridiculous. There are better ways to point your middle finger towards the world…at least in my opinion.

    Thanks for your input.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  5. I agree man. These shoes are hideous. Regardless of who makes them, ugly is ugly and these sure are.

    The attention is obviously on the shoes and therefor no matter of style is present. Because if you wear these fully clothed or naked the shoes would be the focal point.

    All that was done was bought a pair of “tryingtoohardtobecool” shoes with no regard to anything else.

    These just dont cut it for me.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. I’m with Julios on this one.

    Granted, they aren’t for every occasion, but they would be fabulous in the right setting and with the right styling. Sometimes one just feels like going outside the clean lines of JM Weston, Berluti and classic men’s dress shoes in general. I saw the first pair and I thought to myself, I could so pull this off! Of course it’ll require a certain degree of confidence and style to; well, fashion is about making choices and style is about making the right choice.

    The second pair, I saw in June and I was quite impressed. (see the 3rd and 5th set of photos)

    By the way, my first comment on your blog; I truly admire your passion.

  7. Mr GWH – Well said, I agree.

    Olu – I appreciate what you say, and agree with it too. I would definitely think to myself, if I had to rock them, I could it, no sweat. But I still think that stuff like this is put out for the wrong reasons and that the term ‘fashion’ does not mean what it used to. I do agree though, they look better on, than off!

    Thanks for sharing.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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