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Have you ever wished that every classic sneaker wasn’t a version of a derby that almost all look the same? Well, if you have Septieme Largeur has come to your rescue and released their new Ameto oxford sneaker in these three lovely suede colorways. Having grown up wearing Vans, this style does appeal to me, although I would love to see someone do one on a slightly more elongated last. This more rounded version is great for casual versatility but often falls short of being ‘dressy’ so to speak. Not that this was SL’s aim to appeal on a dressy level but in case one were looking for that, I would dare say that this is better catered to a sport casual look and at best a smart casual look. And that is precisely what SL was going for as is often shown in their curated IG account of tailored chinos, oxford shirts, and that relaxed Parisian vibe. Throw on a pair of suede vans-like sneakers with that vibe and you have the new French-chic look.

“GQ-styled punch lines” aside, I like the alternative to what looks like the same sneaker coming from everywhere else. And it would appear that SL is expanding their casual range as they have that other sneaker mentioned before, as well as several others, and I dare say that their sneaker collection is rivaling the dress shoes. Hmmm, let’s see what’s next?!

But for those of you that live in those wonderfully warm all-year round type of places: think Miami, Singapore, or the South of France, you now have a new option to support that ‘I live by the water lifestyle’ 🙂

Find your pair here:


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