Septieme Largeur Patina Double Monk

Looks like Septieme Largeur have been busy these days with a lot of new patinas, not only new in quantity but what also looks like new in style. This kind of muddled rainbow like coloring is quite cool and unique. Quite possibly a bit tough to wear but beautiful nonetheless. However, in France the brighter the shoes the cooler you are, so it just might be the perfect scenario. Beautiful stuff indeed and it is always nice to see SL trying new things. I am sure the clients are happy about this new patina type and hopefully I will see one gracing the streets of London someday soon!

Septieme Largeur Patina Chelsea Boots Septieme Largeur Patina Adelaide Septieme Largeur Patina Adelaide1 Septieme Largeur Patina Double Monk1

6 thoughts on “New Patinas by Septieme Largeur”

  1. Justin do you upkeep a shoe with a patina in the same way as normal? You cant scrub off or mess up the patina with polishing yourself can you?

    1. yes I do so just as I would a normal shoe….theoretically you should not be able to ruin it, but just like any shoe, it is the leather that is more affected rather than the dye treatment….a patina is done by dye and a dye in theory should be permanent…

  2. Where can you buy patina fluid online ? SP sells the bottles but their shipping is crazily expensive. Want to try and patina a light tan shoe into cherry !

  3. Some of those are a bit wild for my personal taste, but the cherry Adelaides are stunning, as are the golden brown double monks. I had Mr. Nurulaeff do a custom patina job on a pair of pale maple Edward Green Westminsters, and the results were stunning. Kind of like Ilcea museum gold, with a healthy dose of attitude. Nice to see some manufactruers offering these more adventurous looks off the shelf.

    1. yes, a patina can sometimes be a bit adventurous, but like you said, nice to be able to have it offered for those a bit more daring in their sartorial choices

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