Scarpe di Bianco has just launched not only a new range of shoes but also a new, updated website. The new range is a typical North American trend in fusing the idea of comfort and dress shoes by the addition of flexibility and rubber soles. It is definitely a cultural thing, but also simply a personal preference as I am American but prefer leather soled shoes. But then again, the brands that add rubber soles to dress shoes probably sell 2-3 to 1 to the leather soled counterparts (in the States). The problem that I have is that most companies don’t find a rubber sole that actually looks that smart where as I can’t really even tell the difference here, which is good as I love a sleek look and not a chunky one. Not only is it a smart sole, but they did it in the bologna construction with gel composite in the sole for extra cushion. So it will be light, flexible and cushy all at the same time. I am sure that they will be a big hit in North America. Question is: will it reach to Europe?

SC504NERO_FONDENTE-34 SC509-Smoke-Gray1 SC511-zenzero-1 SC525VELOUR_BLU-207

SC536NOCE-104 SC618-marron SC893-nero

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